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ミツル 19: NEWS NEVERLAND Concert Report: Hiroshima [2017.06.04, Arena Final]

So, my NEWS date 3 of 4! Sorry it took me so long to finish up Hiroshima; I had to fly to Tokyo earlier than usual this time around (flew out Wednesday before the con instead of the usual Friday) and with work in between, I wasn't able to do a proper report. Most of the things for this leg were similar to Fukuoka's anyway so there won't be anything much here, except perhaps for the arena vs dome differences I have recently noticed.

The primary thing that got me mostly excited with this leg was the fact that I am finally seeing NEWS within a few walking blocks from my apartment, so I could bike to the venue and get ready without having to worry about being late. NEWS in my city asdfghjkl;asldkfja, haha. I ended up biking to the arena Friday night and was ecstatic seeing the NEWS trucks parked at the back. :D

I didn't go to the Saturday and Sunday noon shows (because I had to go work an hour away on Saturday and I opted to give my ticket to a friend for Sunday), but both times I hung around the venue for a while and was just grinning ear-to-ear seeing all the fans that had come this far. For Sunday I met with my friends before they went in for the noon show and had a bit of a brunch with them as well.

Another thing that got me all hyped up for the Hiroshima leg was the fact that I had hit for four arena tickets! We were somewhere in the D block - and we were elated to see how close we were! We're a bit away from the center, but only a row of seats separated us from the small aisle where NEWS were to go on the carts.

As usual I won't be commenting in detail on each song (especially if I had already done that in my Fukuoka report - and the setlist is pretty much the same anyway!), so just very briefly, here goes!

0.5 The Entrance

I put it as 0.5 simply because I had forgotten that in the span of time that the junior drove the train to the center stage, The Entrance was playing the entire time! It added to the mysterious atmosphere  - especially for those who were seeing the show for the first time.


It was great seeing them up so close! The entrance sequence was still as lovely, and I noted with amusement how Koyama was facing in our direction the moment they came out. My friend is a very big tsundere Koyama fan and I was greatly amused hearing her going "KIMOIIII" at him (which I believe, is her language for "how dare you open the concert with your wonderful face in my direction!"

I don't think I have mentioned it in the previous report, but the watereffects for this year's arena shows came from the ceiling - that is, water was falling from above like rain. Take note of this, because it will have something to do with one of the songs (and part of the MC).

02 Un Deux Trois

At the end when NEWS make the letters N-E-W-S with their hands, Massu (with his E) pretended to "eat" Shige's W. XDDD

02.5 VTR: Intro to Neverland: The Four Gates (7 Elements)

Still tacky and awkward to see XD Next!

04 Kaguya

They went over our heads on the cranes. I was ignored XD

05 Koi Matsuri
06 DTF

I will admit that I am ignorant and that I HAVE NEVER KNOWN that DTF ultimately is a slang meaning ... "Down To Fuck". So now you can't imagine how horrified and terribly amused I am (yes contradictory feelings are contradictory) when I found out the meaning as NEWS were singing it.

Well I'll set that aside.... I had fun trying to make the letters for D, T, and F with my hands though! LOL

07 4 + Fan
07.5 VTR: Shige's Gate: Ray (Hikari)
08 Ayame

Shige's performance makes me smile in pride each and every time, I have no words.

09 Brightest

How could I forget this song!

Lights everywhere! They were mostly on the upper main stage for this song, and during the interlude each of them did a solo dance sequence with some electric / light effects on the screens behind them. After all four of them were done, the stage plunged into pitch-black darkness save for some beams of light - and then the screens kind of went on again, showing four silhouettes dancing. In the end, they jumped - and then the stage lights went fully on, revealing NEWS on the lower main stage. All of us gasped at the "trick" - of course, if it was your first time seeing the concert, you would be wondering how come NEWS were able to teleport between the upper and the lower stages so quickly, but if it was your 2nd+ time, you'd already figure the trick out. Oops, sorry for being a wet blanket. XD

10 Sirius
11 Snow Dance

They were once again on the cranes for this song - I haven't really realized how good this song was, especially the chorus. I think I am putting it on my NEWS favorites playlist.

12 Touch

So remember those waterworks from the ceiling during NEVERLAND? During Touch, apparently they malfunctioned a bit and some water dripped unto Massu's head while he was dancing with the juniors, so during the dance sequence he ruffled up his hair so much in an attempt to dry it, so hard to the point that it was sticking out in all directions. He was blinking up at the ceiling in astonishment and surprise (and mock anger? XD) and kept on ruffling his hair, making the other members glance at him in surprise.

12.5 VTR: Koyama's Gate: Water (Mizu)
13 Nyanta

Still sad. My friend was trying so hard to blink back her tears for this one. I don't blame her tbh.

14 Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E
15 Full Swing

I still maintain my opinion that Koyama's gate was the emotional section of this tour and that his gate is trying to make everyone cry = e.g. kill everyone with tears.

16 Koi no ABO
17  Summer Lover (SamaRaba)

The new addition to the arena setlist is Summer Lover! Apparently they started this in Wakayama (correct me if I am wrong). I absolutely loved how Koyama transitioned with "From A-B-O, we are now going to A-B-C!" I never knew it was so fun, and it led on very nicely to Nyaro.

18 Nyaro
19 Orihime

I have to blame this show and this segment here because I am gradually noticing the juniors. Not individually - well, except for one, I guess. The one who is acting as Orihime, I think his name is Shindo? But juniors as a whole - I have to thank them for keeping up with being NEWS's backup dancers so I randomly waved to a few. Quite amused at some of them waving back. XD

20 MC

So as usual I will be your lousy commentator who still can't understand Japanese AF so I will base this report on my friend's notes (so glad she took them down lol)!

  • Tegoshi the brat scared Massu somehow at the start so we saw Massu crouching down going all "Scary~"

  • Somehow they decided to just do the MC without microphones so they were all yelling to each other, using random stuff as microphones - water bottles, juice, the tour arm band, and even Tegoshi's head. So Shige was like "what are you doing" and Koyama said "this is a golden mic", referring to Tegoshi's head (with Tegoshi going "I thought he was going to bite my head off!"), Shige was muttering "no one will understand you!", and then Koyama commented how Tegoshi smelled so good, like vanilla. This continued on for quite a while, until Massu broke the farce and spoke normally into his microphone, ending the skit. XD

  • Tegoshi said something about people referring to him as "the Justin Bieber of Japan" and ended it with "I'm don't know; I'm just Tegoshi Yuya of Japan".

  • For the first time (in any of the shows they have done so far, I think), they did a Q&A segment with the audience! They were curious about the male fans who came, so they looked for guys and asked them questions. Koyama had to run / walk along the hanamichi and at various points, had to go as far as the back stage. The funniest thing was that the first guy they found was their own choreographer. XD

  • The first guy they found was a husband (a Koyama fan) who came with his wife (a Tegoshi fan), all the way from Osaka. He asked "we fight almost every day, so our question is, how can we get along the same way as NEWS do?" Shige answered how they had to go through a lot to get where they are now (which was not easy - basically saying how they should persevere and hold on), so they should go watch NEWS DVDs together and remember how they felt when they were at NEVERLAND. Koyama told them to talk with each other a lot and to not let their bad feelings pile up, because by the time those feelings will burst, it will be too late.

  • Then they all made Koyama find another guy in the audience and made fun of the poor man run around, ultimately referencing to Tegoshi's solo:

  • Tego: Go! Go all the way to Hiroshima station! Koyama: Too far! Massu (singing): "行け!" Shige: 天まで行け!"
  • Massu got incredibly pouty seeing how Koyama and Tegoshi had "more" fans in the audience than they (ShigeMassu) do, so he ordered Koyama to go search for any ShigeMassu couples.

  • Koyama then found a 15-year old boy who plays soccer and was obviously a Tegoshi fan, who then asked how he can get better at soccer. Shige pouted and said how it wasn't a question for him, and while Tegoshi was pondering on his reply, Shige rebutted "Just practice!" to which the other members said "why are YOU answering?! you've probably never dribbled a ball before!" In the end Tegoshi replied that it's his passion and his love for the sport that keeps him going.

  • At this point Massu was complaining how he and Shige have not been in the MC at all so he went all "I HATE HIROSHIMA GUYS" (to which I shouted "BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY even though I'm not a guy lol", so they made Koyama look for a ShigeMassu male fan. In the end they found a Shige fan (who was obviously given an uchiwa by his girlfriend) who asked Shige how to get better at writing novels. Shige replied (after muttering "you're just asking that because you feel sorry for me") "you have to like it... right, Tegoshi?"

  • Despite having fans ask questions, they still hadn't found a Massu fan, so in the end Tegoshi pretended to be a fan asking Massu how to be fashionable like him. They then tried to make Koyama spoil who the runner is for the 24hr tv, but he only replied that he only knew who designed the shirt, to which Massu replied "YOU MEAN IT'S NOT ME?!"

  • Keichan then brought up Massu's Biteki photoshoot and asked Massu to strip since he had already done so anyway, but Massu replied "no D:". Tegoshi then followed up with a "well if you won't take off your top, take off your bottoms instead" to which Massu said "okay :D" prompting Keichan to retort "are you stupid?! OI!"

So much win in these last few shows' MCs, I can only hope they cram as many of these golden moments as possible into the DVD.

20.5 VTR: Massu's Gate: Music (Oto)
21 Forever Mine
22 Silent Love

Rewatching this part on the morning shows made me realize how good this song really was. The choreography and the division of the singing parts (especially Massu's rap) are just too lovely.

23 Mysteria

Same as Silent Love, though more aggressive compared to Silent Love's mellowness.

24 Sakura Girl
24.5 VTR: Tegoshi's Gate: Fire (Honoo)
25 I'm Coming

Just................ nopeeeee. I am still thoroughly amused, especially with my friend burying her face in her towel and facepalming at times like me. As she says "Tegoshi...... he's deleted. Period."

26 Black Fire
27 Bambina
28 Chankapaana
29 Chumu Chumu

All ridiculously loud.... and erotic. LOL.

30 weeeek
31 Pokoponpekorya

When NEWS fell asleep, Tegoshi had Koyama's head in between his legs, Shige totally looked about to laugh, and Massu's head was dangerously over the edge of the circular platform, so much that Koyama immediately commented "OI MASSU THAT'S DANGEROUS AF" the moment he woke up.

32 Nagareboshi

NEWS went on the cranes again and at some point Koyama and Massu went over our heads. Didn't get noticed though, of course, too many people, and we were directly underneath. XD

Though we were in the arena, we couldn't get the thin styrofoam stars that were falling from the ceiling. There were just too few of them, and they were blown farther away.

32.5 VTR: The Grand Finale
33 U R Not Alone

I thought I was already done crying my eyes out during this song the last time I was in Fukuoka, but nope - I still ended up shedding quite a few tears for this one.

34 To Be Continued

In the end, the VTR said the tour will be continuing in Tokyo.

Sometime in the middle of the concert (I can't remember now where, though I'm pretty sure it's was before the MC), there were some members who passed by in front of us - Tegoshi and Shige, I think? I was very amused when my friend had a bonding moment with the girl in front us screaming "YABAI" at each other XDDD

Another friend of mine had noticed beforehand that Tegoshi didn't seem to be his normal self during this leg of the tour, and by going to the concert I saw what she meant - Tegoshi was far less annoying this time around. For me, Annoying Tegoshi = normal Tegoshi, so seeing him being subdued and more calm / collected / quieter made me think something has definitely changed in the middle of the tour. I could sense it had something to do with the Line scandals he had been involved in for the past few weeks, but normally Tegoshi was strong enough to face this sort of things head-on, so seeing him in this state kind of unnerved me. Never have I seen a Tegoshi so... forced. As it turned out, the last concert finally gave us answers, but I'll leave that for my next concert report.

Sorry this has been too rushed! I hope I can do a better one for the last show of this tour! Hope I can get it down tomorrow without leaving anything out.

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